Free Skype Consultations

The first step to getting started is for us to meet on Skype. This allows me to find out more about you or your child. It also gives you the chance to get to know more about me and my practice, and to learn how my therapy can be so effective at helping to treat sleep problems.

Something that’s unique about my practice is that it’s fully Telehealth enabled, so I see all my patients online using videoconferencing.

This means no traffic and no frustration, just the ease and simplicity of getting the treatment program you need from the comfort of your own home, at your convenience. Even the documentation is all electronic.

Does it work? Absolutely! I’m currently seeing patients from 13 countries around the world, and I also see patients from my hometown of Seattle, and from all over the USA. My distant patients are happy to be able to work with a sleep exercise therapist because sometimes there just isn’t one nearby, while my patients in Seattle are thrilled to be able to miss the local traffic jams.

To find out more about working with me, click here, or to set up a free Skype assessment, click here.