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Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene is a term that’s becoming increasingly well known as the message about good sleep gets more mainstream exposure. We’re finally starting to understand that getting a good night’s sleep is vitally important because ongoing sleep deprivation affects our mental and physical wellbeing, with a high cost at both […]

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Sleep Quality And Your Health

You might be surprised to learn that there isn’t really a definitive way to judge sleep quality. Modern medicine relies on sleep studies to diagnose sleep apnea, and these studies definitely are helpful but there are so many other potential causes of bad sleep besides actual sleep apnea. Pretty much […]

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Does Your Child Snore?

The sound of snoring is sometimes thought of as cute when it’s coming from a young child, but snoring is never a good thing. To quote Dr. Mark Burhenne from his excellent book The 8-Hour Sleep Paradox, “Snoring is never normal, never cute, and always a red flag for poor […]