What You Need To Know About Sleep Apnea

It’s important to note that sleep apnea is a serious health condition that only a doctor can diagnose.

If you think you have sleep apnea, it’s vital to talk to your doctor so that you can have a sleep study done in order to diagnose this condition. This applies to any sleep disordered breathing condition – a sleep study is the only way to fully and clearly diagnose these conditions.

Currently the standard of care for treating sleep apnea is a CPAP machine or dental sleep appliance. Recent studies are making it clear that oral exercises just like the ones my therapists and myself teach can be a very effective way to help address and treat symptoms of sleep apnea. If you currently use a CPAP machine or a dental sleep appliance, please consult with your doctor before starting any oral exercise program.


Sleep Apnea


I never recommend that patients stop using their CPAP machine or dental sleep appliance. It’s important to always follow your doctor’s recommendations and continue with your prescribed treatment.

However, a multi-faceted approach to treating sleep apnea may be the best option for many patients, so adding in an oral exercise program can be helpful, especially if it includes a focus on sleep hygiene, rest, relaxation and nutrition like my programs do.